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Employing direct mail is a fantastic way to build a connection between businesses and audiences. In Canada, the method has gained massive support from the audiences. Almost 90% of Canadians read direct mail, while nearly 70% make buying decisions based on a direct mail piece. All these statistical data conclude that it is best to send direct mail flyers to Canadian households to promote your business rather than beating around the bush. You can also make your business a part of this direct mail marketing campaign. All you need to do is contact Direct Response Media Group.

Direct Response Media Group is the leading direct mail marketing company in Canada. Businesses belonging to over 40 industries depend on DRMG to reach Canadian households through direct mail posts. The company allows its business clients to connect with audiences in many ways, one being shared direct mail. They can be a part of a shared direct mail campaign through our flagship Money Saver® Magazine and Shared Wrap/Envelopes. These direct mail envelopes and magazines take your business to your audiences.

Another impressive option given by DRMG is solo direct mail. If you want to stand out from your competitors, no other option can suit you better. Solo direct mail pieces remain uninterrupted. They automatically grab the receiver's attention. And when you choose Direct Response Media Group to handle your solo direct mail posts, you can get the following services:

Designing: DRMG can help you design an error-free, engaging, and attractive solo mail post. The skilled copywriters and graphic designers work passionately on your ads. As a result, you will get a solo direct mail post that attracts audiences. These ads are visually pleasing and easy to comprehend. Therefore, the response rate to the solo ads designed by DRMG is better than expected.

Printing: Once you connect with DRMG for direct mail marketing, they will look after everything. After designing a solo ad, they will print the desired number of copies.

Distributing: DRMG has 100 distribution zones and a well-established distribution network. With Canada Post, it can help businesses reach millions of Canadian households. Hence, it provides the opportunity for businesses to reach target audiences by taking charge of distribution.

Solo direct mail posts are effective standalone marketing campaigns. And Direct Response Media Group can help you reach your goals more efficiently. So, contact them now.

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